Caiz TestNet is a testing platform for developers and users, that works in a safe, beta-tests environment and helps testers understand the system before going joining the MainNet. It provides an almost identical real-life experience, with the single difference that Testnet transactions have no actual value.

Caiz TestNet is managed and maintained by Caiz Development Gmbh for public use to test-drive Caiz Chain.

API to generate Caiz wallet on the Caiz Chain, the user will receive a set of keys in response:

i) Public Key (the wallet address which will be exposed publically)

ii) Private Key (this should be kept safe, will be required for signing transactions like a security password)

API Info





API to fetch the transaction details of a particular wallet or transaction detail of any particular transaction.

API info:


params: hashOrId (wallet address or the transaction hash)


transactions: all the transaction array will be shared in this param

memo: memo of the transaction

successful: transaction status

hash: transaction hash

created_at: transaction creation date

source_account: wallet address from where the transaction is generated

fee_charged: fee charged for the transaction

ledger: ledger number

Try out here: Transaction API

API to fetch the Caiz balance in your wallet from Caiz Chain.

API info:


params: hashOrId (wallet address or the transaction hash)

publicKey: Caiz wallet public key


balance: Caiz amount in wallet

code: code name of the coin

name: full name of the coin

Try out here: Caiz Balance API

API to transfer tokens from one wallet to another wallet on the Caiz Chain network.

API info:



privatekey: private key of the sender wallet

txAmount: Caiz coin amount to transfer

receiverPublickey: public key of the receiver wallet

memo: any remarks you want to write

assetname: coin name you want to transfer in our case Caiz


receiverKey: receivers wallet address

amount: transaction amount

hash: transaction hash

Try out here: Caiz Transfer Token

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