Caiz Chain

Caiz Chain is a Stellar fork that enables us to transact tokens between two parties at lightning speed to any corner of the world. Forking expertly made, under MIT license, on the Stellar blockchain. We have deployed our own nodes operating as a permissioned DLT (distributed ledger technology) solution, with configurations that set the constraints around the denomination, token supply, and interaction methodologies. The blockchain follows the FBA (federated Byzantine agreement) consensus mechanism, where we screen and select the so-called block validators; the screening itself includes face-to-face interaction, KYC checking, and bilateral intent of partnership contractual agreements. Via a cyber security incident response plan, we have established a system to not only monitor malicious activity and the actors behind it, but also to ban/blacklist them as required. The goal of our offering is to ensure that we can develop additional products as well as opening this up for the developer ecosystem to help build further applications and to transfer value through the respective chain denomination.