Coin Allocation

CAIZcoin has currently allocated and distributed 4% of its coins. Of all CAIZcoins:

1% is sold and distributed in the seed phase 1% is sold and distributed in the public sale phase 2% is distributed into the Caiz Liquidity Wallet, used to provide liquidity to the exchanges.

Graphic tokenomics Caiz
This 2%, or 20 million CAIZcoin, is dedicated to the Liquidity Wallet and will never be distributed for other usage in the ecosystem.
Graphic tokenomics Caiz

As soon as the native CAIZchain launches, the user growth in terms of verified wallets will lead to he release of an amount of extra CAIZcoins. This amount is called the Elastic Coin Release Amount.

As a potential CAIZcoin user, it's important to understand the different types of wallets that make up the CAIZ Ecosystem

token Release Procedure Caiz
token Release Procedure Caiz

The Minted Wallet contains all the CAIZcoins that have been minted, which means they have been created and added to the blockchain. The CAIZcoin Tokens in the Minted Wallet are not yet released to the CAIZ Ecosystem.

The Distribution Wallet contains all the CAIZcoins that have been released and are ready to be distributed to the CAIZ Ecosystem

The Ecosystem Liquidity Pool is a thin layer that connects all trading venues for CAIZcoin, ensuring that there is always liquidity available for buyers and sellers. It is algorithmically managed and is connected to the CAIZearn program, where users can pool their CAIZcoin Tokens in the Liquidity Pool to provide liquidity to the ecosystem and earn a liquidity trading profit.

We have implemented an Elastic Token Release Amount system, which determines how many CAIZcoin Tokens will be released to the distribution wallet for sale to the ecosystem each time a new wallet is verified.

Elastic Coin Release Amount
Circulating Supply

The number of verified wallets in the ecosystem influences the release amount, which starts at 7.75 CAIZcoin per verified wallet and lowers with each subsequent slot.

Each slot has a reduction factor of 35.4%, which means that as more wallets are validated, the release amount decreases. The final slot, which runs from the 500 millionth to the 999 millionth wallet, has a slightly adjusted reduction factors.

The Token Release Algorithm runs daily at 2 pm CET to release the total amount of CAIZcoin Tokens from the Minted Wallet to the Distribution Wallet. The amount released is determined by the number of verified wallets in the previous 24 hours, multiplied by the respective Elastic Token Release Amounts.

The Optimal Liquidity Sales Algorithm is responsible for selling the tokens from the Distribution Wallet in a manner that is optimized to avoid creating selling pressure on the market. It ensures that the new CAIZcoin Tokens are sold only during up-market movements to avoid impacting the value of CAIZcoin, negatively.

our CAIZearn program encourages users to provide liquidity services by allowing them to store CAIZcoin in a personally controlled Locked Wallet and earn rewards for doing so. As more people join the CAIZearn program, less CAIZcoin is required to be held in the Exchange Liquidity Wallet, with the maximum increase or decrease set at 3% by the Liquidity Adjustment Algorithm.

We aim to stabilize and build our ecosystem by prioritizing liquidity, rewarding users to participate in liquidity provision, and assuring the long-term success.