Caiz Team

Caiz is a worldwide company focused on innovative technologies and software development.

Meet Our Team

Philippe Theunissen
Philippe Theunissen Chief Executive Officer / Chief Blockchain Officer Caiz
Vadim Andryan
Vadim Andryan Chief Technical Officer Caiz
Abdelhamid Azzagougui
Abdelhamid Azzagougui Head of Marketing Caiz
Moris Gayed
Moris Gayed Legal Counsel Caiz
Steffen Rieger
Steffen Rieger Head Of Sponsoring & Partnership Caiz
Frédéric Jost
Frédéric Jost Head of Business Development Caiz
Saadet Güc
Saadet Güc Head of Human Resources Caiz
Michael Gehles
Michael Gehles Trader und Analyst Caiz